Metal Bed Frames
by Volcano

100% Handmade Iron Beds

Volcano specialized in high-design construction iron beds and developed into one of the largest and highest quality in Europe in the field of handmade metal furniture…

Our handmade iron beds are featured in homes from New York and Tokyo to London and Sidney.

Volcano Handmade Iron Bedrooms
Meta Bed Frames by Volcano Handmade Iron Bedrooms

Eternal Comfort & Warranty
Since 1976

Commit to excellence with our iron bed frames & metal platform beds, each covered by a lifetime warranty. Volcano beds are designed for the modern bedroom and built to last, undergoing a special demagnetization process for your safety.

Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction means you receive only the most reliable and stylish metal beds on the market.

Discover Your Next Iron Bed

Reveal the artistry of VOLCANO metal beds. Choose from three unique collections and find
the bed that completes your dream space.

Metal Bed Frames by Volcano Handmade Iron Bedrooms 01

Elegant Collection

Discover our Elegance Collection featuring handmade beds with timeless designs. Each metal bed frame is meticulously forged, adding a touch of sophistication to any modern bedroom.

Industrial Collection

Explore our Industrial Collection, featuring a wide range of metal beds crafted in a distinct industrial style. Each bed is built to last, coming with a lifetime guarantee. We proudly ship our high-quality beds worldwide.

Metal Bed Frames by Volcano - Industrial Collection
Metal Bed Frames by Volcano - Standard Collection - Lits en métal 100% faits main par Volcano - Camas de Hierro 100% Artesanales de Volcano - Letti in metallo 100% fatti a mano da Volcano

Standard Collection

Discover our Standard Collection, offering unique handmade iron beds at unbeatable prices. Each bed is crafted with precision, providing excellent value without compromising on style or quality.

Craft Your Dream Bedroom

Experience the artistry of VOLCANO metal beds. Each of our iron bed frames
is meticulously crafted by hand, providing a unique touch to design your ideal dream bedroom.

Artisanal Excellence

Experience the bespoke craftsmanship of VOLCANO Iron Beds. Our skilled artisans handcraft
each iron bed frame to offer distinct, stylish comfort that's built to last.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Superior Durability

Customizable Designs

Choose sustainability with our handmade iron beds, crafted from 100% recyclable steel. Each metal bed frame not only meets rigorous environmental standards but also helps reduce your ecological footprint.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your choice supports a cleaner planet without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Built to stand the test of time, our iron beds feature superior durability with robust construction. Expertly forged from high-quality metals, each bed frame promises enduring strength and stability, providing lasting comfort and support.

Our beds ensure a lifetime of quality sleep and timeless appeal in any bedroom setting.

Your bedroom, your style. Our customizable designs allow you to tailor every aspect of your bed to fit your taste and décor. From the finish to the frame, create a sleep sanctuary that’s uniquely yours with our versatile customization options.

Transforming your bedroom into a reflection of your personal style and comfort preferences.

Real Bedrooms... Real Comfort

Experience the luxury of real, authentic bedrooms designed for timeless elegance and unparalleled comfort that lasts.

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