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1.  Are Volcano beds Stable?

Volcano beds are specially designed in such a way that there are no creaks and their stability is guaranteed.

2. What material are they made of?

High quality wrought iron is used for the construction of the beds, which is subjected to all treatments necessary for optimal results. All models are handmade by skilled and experienced craftsmen in the processing of iron.

3. How are the beds painted?

The beds are first cleaned, then painted with acrylic powder paints and cured in a special oven at 200c. It is the same method used in car painting. This results in the perfect adhesion of the paint to the metal and longer lifetime of the paint job. The color chart is present in the presentation of each model and the color choice does not affect the price.

4. Is there a guarantee?

Volcano beds have a lifetime warranty. The guarantee concerns the weldments and the stability of the bed structure.

5. What payment methods are accepted?

  1. – Payment by credit or debit card
  2. – Bank account deposit
  3. – Payment via PayPal

6. What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is 4-6 weeks from the finalization and payment of the order. You will be informed about the delivery by Volcano and the carrier to specify the place and time of delivery. In case you want faster shipping, it can be provided with a small extra charge.

7. What is the delivery cost?

Delivery cost is indicated upon completion of the order.

8. Can I return the product?

You can return your product within 14 days after the delivery date, free of charge, if there is a reason for replacement. You must send a return request by email or fax and we will contact you on how and when it will be delivered. All our products are handmade and constructed by demand of the customer. Unnecessary returns or cancellations are not accepted.

9. Can I assemble the bed myself?

Volcano products are designed in such a way that their assembly is very simple. The time needed is about 15 minutes for the bed and 40 minutes for the bed with bed box. Each order, comes with instructions with photos for the assembly.

10. Why choose an anatomical frame (bed base) Volcano?

Our anatomic frames are specially designed for our beds. They are made of high-strength iron and solid wood, so you have complete Volcano quality. There are 2 types of anatomic frames, the “Standard” anatomic frame and the “Lux” anatomical frame, which has dense boards for even better support of the mattress. If the size of the bed base (anatomic frame) is too large for the door or staircase of the house, we can manufacture it in 2 pieces with a small extra charge.

11. Which mattress should I choose?

The choice of mattress is free and the bed does not bind you to anything. You can choose any type of mattress you want: bonnel springs, poket spring, foam mattress. Caution! in Volcano beds the mattresses are placed on the side rails (traverse) and not inside, as is with all high class beds for the optimal aesthetic result.

12. How to combine the bed in my room?

For optimal aesthetic results, the bed color should be in contrast to the color of the wall, so as to highlight the design. The bedside tables, the drawer and the accessories do not bind us with a Volcano bed and you can choose from the suggestions we make in every bed presentation.

13. Why choose headboard cushions and a bedskirt?

As you can see from our photos, the headboard cushions and the bedskirts give a warm sense of comfort to our models. All fabrics are cotton and machine washable at 40c without spinning to prolong their lifetime. The padding on the back cushions is made of silicone wadding for greater stability.

14. How do I recognize if my bed is an authentic VOLCANO bed?

All VOLCANO products,unlike imitations, have an embossed signature on their frame.

15. Are VOLCANO products demagnetized?

All VOLCANO metal products undergo a special demagnetization process using the Curie method (heating the metal beyond 700°C) and are completely safe for your health.

16. Can I request special adjustments to VOLCANO products?

Almost all Volcano products can be manufactured with special adjustments, with a small extra charge, depending on the design.

17. Can colors with patina be applied all over the bed?

If you choose a color with patina, we should inform you that it can be applied exclusively to the bed design and not on the side parts and base of the bed.

18. Can I secure the transfer of my order?

Our proper packaging, with special durable materials, aims to maximize protection so that our products come to you without damage. However, it is important to choose a transport insurance, with a small extra charge, to troubleshoot any problems that might occur due to uncertain factors.

19. Do the dimensions mentioned in the beds concern their final external dimensions?

There may be small fluctuations in the dimensions of the headboard and footboard, because the width and length of the bed increase a few extra centimeters, compared to the base of the bed, due to the particularity of the design. Contact us or any queries.

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