Our name is not accidental ...

… Contains fire, necessary element for the iron processing. But beyond of this meaning, the name was chosen for another one reason… for the endless energy that hides a volcano, even when it is inactive.

Volcano has been in the field of metal construction since 1976 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

In 1990s VOLCANO specialized in high design construction iron beds and developed into one of the largest and highest quality in Europe in the field of handmade furniture..

Volcano’s factory specifications, aim to create quality products, in all levels production, with a high level of technology by experienced craftsmen with respect and inspiration from the traditional Greek metallurgy whose roots are lost in antiquity.

That which completely differentiates us of the competition is:

  • We provide a lifetime warranty in all metal furniture.
  • All metal products are completely demagnetized and are completely safe for your health.

The super modern electrostatic group paint system and the “powder” colors (similar with the technique used by car manufacturers), provide maximum protection of against corrosion.

Our handmade iron beds are featured in homes from New York and Tokyo to London and Wellington, New Zealand.

VOLCANO literally puts …. Signature on a furniture full of symbols related to well-being, turning the seemingly rigid wrought iron into a art object.

“We donate positive mood because we have received it from you.

It is very important for us to participate with our handmade creations in the joy of a married couple or to a family, with all the symbolism that a bedroom can hide “.

Our motto is… “Excellent value for money”.”.

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