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Please read the terms of use of this website carefully before you start shopping.

Access to and use of this website is subject to the following Terms of Use, which include:

  1. General Terms of Transactions.
  2. Terms of Sale (Order – Payment – Delivery).
  3. Returns and Changes Policy.
  4. Security Policy.
  5. Intellectual and Industrial Property Protection Policy.
  6. Final Terms.
  7. Communication.

All users of an e-commerce transaction are considered to have become aware of and have accepted the content of these terms.

The relations between Volcano K. Konstantinidis & Co. OE Agios Athanasios Thessaloniki with VAT number 800051099 & GENERAL COMMERCIAL REGISTRY – (G.E.MI.) 038674605000, which for the sake of brevity will hereinafter be called “Company” and the Customer are defined only by the following terms. Any deviation from these terms is not recognized by the Company, which hereby declares its express opposition. Amendments to these terms are valid only if the Company has previously agreed in writing.

The Company is entitled to modify the Terms of Use at any time. The amended terms will apply to all transactions that take place after the amendment, but will not regulate or affect the validity of any pending transaction at the time of the amendment.


Website usage

This website is based on dedicated e-commerce software. Users interested in drawing up an online sales contract must activate by clicking the “ORDER REGISTRATION” button. All visitors are kindly requested to read the Terms of Sale (Order – Payment – Delivery), which are available to all users

Contact with the administrator of the Website

Any communication with the administrator of the website for any purpose and reason should be done at the following email address: [email protected].

All documents related to e-commerce transactions, as well as any relevant communication will be made electronically, unless otherwise expressly specified in these terms (eg invoices and delivery notes delivered to the Customer must be in writing).



The prices of the products are expressed in EURO, USD, GBP.

Taxes – Fees

The prices of the products include the tax foreseen in each product category due to the Greek Legislation.

The price does not include duties and taxes applicable in the countries of delivery.

Shipping costs

Shipping cost is referred on the “CART” page. For inaccessible destinations possible extra charge. You will be informed by the company.

In case of remote shipping location or change of shipping costs, we will notify you via email.

Total charge price

The total price at the end of the purchase process will include any of the above shipping costs.

Changes in prices

The prices, as displayed on the website, can be modified at any time by the Company. In any case, the price charged on each product for each specific transaction will be the price set on the website at the time of the order, as this will be confirmed later in the confirmation e-mail that will be sent to the Customer. (as described below when describing the ordering and acceptance process). – How to order

Starting the ordering process

Initially, the Customer finds the products he is interested in through the search engines or from the various thematic pages. He, then, activates by clicking the “ADD TO CART” link next to the product he is interested in and this will be registered in the “shopping cart”.

After completing his selections, he activates by clicking on the “CHECK OUT” link, which is below the list of products in his “CART” and will go to a secure connection, where he will be asked to complete the payment.


In the ORDER FORM, the Customer must state the personal information requested, ie: name, surname, home address or delivery address, e-mail address and any other information requested, which are necessary for the transaction, that is, payment terms, delivery terms.

The Company’s products are delivered to main entrance of the building of the place of delivery of the products, and will be done under the responsibility of the recipient.

The carrier will contact the Customer for delivery details.

For each visit of the carrier to the place of delivery other than the originally specified one, for which the Carrier or the Company will not be responsible, the Customer will probably be charged an additional cost.

The photos of the products for sale on the website are not a legally binding sale proposal by the company, but an online catalog.

Order processing time

The processing of orders can take from 24 to 48 hours depending on the availability of the products, the number of orders processed by the system at that time and the response time of the Paying Agency for the completion of the payment. The processing of the order is considered to have been completed, when the confirmation of the execution of the order is sent to the Customer via e-mail.

Refusal to execute an order

The Company reserves the right to refuse the execution of an order in the following cases:

  1. In case there are solid indications that the order is not authentic or true (eg when the information entered in the system during the customer registration is irrational, incomplete, inconsistent.).
  2. In case the products are not available in our warehouses.
  3. If sending to the specified address is not possible.

Acceptance – Complete Purchase

The online purchase can be completed only when the order has been successfully processed (product availability, delivery capability) and only after the payment of the price has been completed.

After the payment of the price, the Company accepts the Customer’s order and in this way the purchase transaction is completed.

Confirmation of the transaction is notified to the Customer via email. The Customer receives an email notification, which includes the individual details of the order (Order Registration Code, Purchased Products, Delivery Address, Delivery Cost) to the email address stated by the Customer during registration.

After the confirmation of the transaction, the Customer cannot change the order. In case the Customer has doubts about the order after this time, he can in any case contact us at [email protected].

Methods of payment

Payment is made in the following ways:

  1. By credit / debit card.
  2. By deposit in the bank account of the company.
  3. Payment via PayPal.

Payment / Transaction Security

The Company and the Paying Agency use special software of the highest security specifications, which minimizes the risk of third parties entering the system and abusive third party behavior. Credit card details are transferred directly via cryptographic method to the payment center of the Paying Institution, where they are processed.

Customer credit card details are not stored on any of the Company’s servers. The data is automatically sent to the electronic payment center of the Paying Agency.

Product delivery

All our beds are handmade. Therefore, all measurements are made approximately. Small variations of the displayed products from the products that the Company finally sells to the Customer are accepted in advance. A typical feature of handmade products is the minimal surface irregularities, caused by their heat and manual processing (eg hammer traces, etc.), which are also accepted in advance by the Customer.

The delivery time of the products varies depending on the model and ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. The Customer, upon confirmation of the transaction, will be informed by the company about the exact day of delivery.

The order may be delayed, without the responsibility of the Company, for the following reasons:

  1. In cases of extreme weather events or strikes, as well as in any case of force majeure, which may affect the construction, transport and delivery of the Customer’s order.
  2. In case it is impossible to communicate by phone or by e-mail with the Customer (if there is a problem with the order, either in relation to the product or in relation to its payment) because,for example, the contact details entered by the Customer are not correct.

The products purchased by the Customer will be delivered to the address which he declares,when ordering, as the receiving address.

The transport cost does not include transport within the house and assembly.


Due to the fact that our products are handmade and made to order by the customer, returns or cancellations are not accepted. You can contact us if you have any problems with your order.

Rights and obligations of the Customer, in case of defective products

In case the Customer receives a defective product, he will have the right to demand the repair or replacement of this defective product with a product that is in good condition within 14 days from the date of receipt.

In order to activate this right, the Customer is obliged to check the Product immediately upon delivery for any damages or other problems and to inform us in writing, or with a note on the duplicate delivery note / invoice, which will be delivered by the transport company, either by email. For complaints that will come to the knowledge of the Company after the departure of the carrier, the Company reserves the right to consider them invalid and that the damages were caused by the Customer.

It is recommended that the customer insure the products for any partial or total damage or loss during transportation, the company bears no responsibility for uninsured products.

Status of products to be exchanged or returned

The return or exchange of a product will not be accepted if it is proven that the product has been used. Products must be returned (for a refund or for a change) in their original condition, complete and intact. For hygiene reasons, the return or change of mattresses and all textile products will be accepted, only within their packaging.

Other necessary conditions for the return of products

In every product that is returned or for which a change is requested, the Customer must include when sending the copy of the receipt / invoice of the original purchase.

Cost of delivery of returned products

The Customer will bear the entire cost of delivery of the returned products while any cost of initial delivery or assembly to the Customer will not be refunded to him.

In case of non-fulfillment of any of the above conditions, the Company is entitled either

(a) to consider that the right to change or return has not been validly exercised and therefore not to accept the return or change of the product or

(b) (especially in the case of products not returned intact or used) to accept the change or return and at the same time to claim compensation from the Customer at the value of the defects of the returned product.

Price refund

Once the Company receives a request for a refund or product change and provided the above conditions are met, it will refund the relevant amount to the respective account of the customer from whom the payment was made. It usually takes 7 business days to process the request and complete the credit registration. The Customer will be notified as soon as the return / change request has been fully processed. In the event that the Company is entitled to compensation,as above, for defects of the returned products, it will have the right to offset the relevant amount of the claimed compensation with the price to be returned.

Exclusion of the right of unjustified withdrawal

The Customer has no right to withdraw from the contract without justification and return the product, in the following cases:

  1. when he had the opportunity, due to the existence of a physical store to see the products he finally bought.
  2. when the products purchased were produced following a special order of the Customer.

Warranty – Limitations of Liability – User Liability

The Company guarantees the stability of the metal parts of the products it produces for life (ie the strength of the weld and the stability of the structure). The warranty does not include moving parts, wooden parts and paint.

The warranty regarding the mattresses is stated in their description.

The warranty does not cover damage, wear, defects caused by poor or improper operation, maintenance and use of the products.

The Company is not liable to Customers – Users for damages that may arise from the execution or not of their order. It is also reserved as to the time of delivery of the goods in cases of force majeure. The Company can provide no guarantee for the availability of the products, but guarantees the timely information of the Customers about their non-availability.

In no case is the Company liable for any claims of a legal, civil or criminal nature, nor for any loss (positive, special or negative, which indicatively and not restrictively consists of loss of profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc. .p.) by visitors of the website or third parties due to reasons related to the operation or not or the use of the website or the inability to provide services or information available from it or due to any unauthorized interventions of third parties in products or and services and information available through it.




It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of his / her identity.

 It is the Customer’s responsibility not to disclose his / her identity to third parties and generally to take all necessary precautions to maintain the confidentiality of his / her identity in order to prevent unauthorized online purchases. persons and generally the unauthorized use of this website by third parties in the name of the Customer.

Taking adequate protection measures – No liability in case of abusive behavior of third parties.

 The Company has taken all necessary actions to adequately protect the personal data and identity of the Customer against abusive behavior of third parties (entry of third parties into the system and / or theft of its data Customer), as the software used on this website ensures a high level of protection of the Customer ‘s personal data, as provided by the Customer upon registration, as well as the Customer’ s identity. For this reason, the Company bears no responsibility to the Customer for abusive acts of third parties that take place despite the protection system provided by the software used.


System that provides a high level of protection. Credit card data protection is provided.

Credit card information provided by the Customer is not stored in the site system but in the Payment System system using the cryptographic method.

Protection of credit card information during data transmission

The software (special protocol) used, in particular through the use of cryptographic method, ensures the highest level of security of credit card data during data transmission.

Risk allocation in case of use of credit card information by a third party.

Customer responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of his credit card information

The Customer is responsible for keeping his credit card information confidential and not disclosing it to other persons, otherwise he carries the risk (weight) of the use of the credit card by third parties for whom it can reasonably be concluded that they learned the credit card information from or due to the actions of the Customer

Responsibility of the Customer to notify the Bank in case of loss of credit card or use of a credit card by third parties

In any case, the Customer is responsible for informing the Company and / or the Paying Institution of the loss of his credit card or of the use of the credit card from third parties as soon as he becomes aware that something like this has happened. Failure to inform the Company within a reasonable time will inevitably lead to a debit of the Customer’s credit card. However, the amount owed can be refunded / credited by the Customer’s bank if the latter has insured the Customer against the risk of using the credit card by a third party (consult your bank)


Non-guaranteed continuous operation of the system

The Company does not guarantee that the operation of the website will be uninterrupted and without defects, that the website will be constantly accessible and at the same data transmission speed, because these issues are beyond the control of the Company and is not able to control them as continuous operation, accessibility and data transfer speed are ensured by the network administrators and not the administrator of a site.

Liability for technical damage or defects

The Company uses high quality software and takes all possible steps that are reasonably required for a high-level operation of the site. However, it is not responsible nor can it be sued for damages due to technical faults, temporary inability to access, interruptions, defects, gaps, non-display of data, inability to load or defective loading of data or due to third party intrusions into the system despite the security measures taken.

The Company is not responsible for “viruses” or “Trojan horses”

The Company will not be responsible for “viruses” or “Trojan horses” that enter and / or affect the Computer of the Customer or any visitor to the site, as The Company itself takes all reasonably required protection measures using high protection software and not being able to control or prevent the circulation or transmission of “viruses” or “trojan horses”.


Intellectual (and Industrial) Property Rights

The web address – volcano.gr, the full content (ie texts, graphics, images, photos, videos, etc.) of the websites and the design of this website are the intellectual property of the Company or are the subject of an intellectual property license which has been legally granted to the Company by the body of the relevant intellectual property rights and are therefore subject to the copyright protection regime of Greek Law.

Software Applications

The software used for this site is not free software and a Special License is used.

Trademark protection

The “Volcano” and “VolcanoHandmadeIronBedrooms” logos are registered trademarks of the Company and are therefore protected by Law 2239/1994 and Greek and Community Law.


Single sales contract

If any of the terms hereof are deemed invalid, the other terms will continue to apply and take full effect.

Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

All electronic shopping transactions and all legal issues concerning the validity, synapse of transactions, their interpretation and execution will be governed by Greek law. All disputes arising from this contract will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Thessaloniki. 



 Electronic address (e-mail) of the Company is [email protected]. You can contact us by phone, on weekdays at 2310 702343. Please select one of the above mentioned ways of communication.


To be informed about the new products as well as the offered discounts on products or on the delivery cost, please enter your details in your contact list, contact us (NEWSLETTER), entering your email address (e-mail) at the top of the screen.


Sending newsletters

volcano.gr collects and processes e-mail addresses provided voluntarily by users after having previously accepted the Terms of Use of the website. To send the newsletters we use only the information you have stated to us, ie your email and your name, if you have registered it. We also keep your IP address. All procedures are in accordance with the new EU GDPR and your files are protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The purpose of the processing is, exclusively, the sending to the users of newsletters, offers etc. of the COMPANY. Volcano.gr processes this data until the user declares that he no longer wishes to send newsletters and requests his deletion from the relevant list, via email to the “COMPANY” or follows the automated Delete / Unsubscribe process.

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