Steel pipe bed ARMONIA


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Industrial Collection


Steel pipe bed Armonia

A unique Industrial Steel pipe bed.

Modern industrial lines, style and special finishes give a modern style in the decoration of bedroom…

Lifetime warranty, environmentally friendly and safe.

Shipping worldwide

The bed is made in 2 different types:

  • Bed with design on the footboard (With FTB)
  • Bed without design on the footboard (NO-FTB)

∗ The dimension that you choose concerns the dimension of the mattress and not the external dimensions of the bed.

∗ The bed is made for mattress 24 – 27cm high.

Bed with storage space (Bed Box)

Beds can be made with a Bed Box as a special construction (ask us).

** For mattress size over 160cm (due to the large width of the bed), sets of wooden boards are not available and the choice of metal bed base is obligatory, providing maximum strength and stability of the bed.

External dimensions of bed:

  • Headboard height: 114cm
  • Footboard height: 84cm
  • Bed base height: 32cm
  • **Bed width + 3cm of mattress size**

Bed length with footboard on the leg: +10cm of the mattress length.

Bed length without footboard on the leg: +10cm of the mattress length.

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