10 TOP suggestions for an iron bed

10 Top suggestions for Iron Beds

Iron beds

How to choose ideal iron beds?

Metal beds have been in fashion since the arrival of vintage industrial style. It is a main accessory in the bedroom. Along with its functionality, the metal bed is a stylistic element that defines the atmosphere of a room. In this article, we offer you our range of metal beds that you can order on our site.

The materials we use are iron. The metal beds that we offer are characterized by their quality, durability and aesthetics. For our entire range, we offer a lifetime warranty. Our “know-how” and our experience allow us to be confident about the quality that we offer.

There are many types of metal beds: simple, elegant, playful and even industrial-style models. Choose your bed based on aesthetics alone. The quality of the materials and the workmanship that we offer will allow you to enjoy your metal bed for a lifetime. In our buying guide, we’ll walk you through the benefits of metal beds as well as the top 10 best metal beds.

lit style industriel
Industrial metal bed

3 styles of iron beds

We offer 3 styles of metal beds in our Standard, Elegant and Industrial categories

Standard for unique handmade iron beds at great value for money.

Stylish for timeless wrought iron beds of superior design in our Elegant collection.

Industrial style wrought iron beds.

Nous offrons une livraison dans tous les pays du monde.

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Browse our ELEGANT collection

Pros of our handmade iron beds

Very robust, stable and durable
Easy handling
Resistant to temperature fluctuations (compared to wood)
Several models and design
Various combinations of design and materials
100% Recyclable
Easy to clean and hygienic
Very good price compared to the quality
Lifetime warranty and good customer service
Low shipping costs and insurance

The quality of the metal, the welds and the finish

Our high quality metal beds are made of solid steel. The advantage of a bed with solid steel instead of thin tubes is that the bed is much more robust and durable. You can tell if a good material was used by trying to lift the bed. The weight of a metal bed reveals the nature of the tubes and the materials. On the contrary, thin, hollow tubes are much lighter.

Finally, it is important to take into account the finishing. All our metal beds are designed taking into account, for example, that the corners and edges are rounded, in order to avoid any risk of injury.

With the quality of the welds that we control, we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. The build quality of our metal beds is the best in construction and painting which is of the highest standard according to ISO 9001. 2008.

The coating

It is also important to make sure there is rust protection when purchasing your metal bed. Otherwise, scratches and peeling paint or other signs of wear may occur over time. Therefore, it is preferred that the paint is not cheap spray paint, but high quality powder paint which has been baked. This is more resistant, it does not chip and provides good protection against moisture and rust. All of our beds at Volcano are painted with powder paint.

Sleep safety

Manufacturers of metal beds emphasize one important aspect – the effect of electrosmog. ElectroSmog refers to all man-made electromagnetic radiation created and present in our surrounding environment. (most often created by electric cables and mobile phones). Electrosmog has become a major public health problem.

While beds made of a few metal parts are unfavorable in this regard, beds made entirely of metal obviously have the property of absorbing and dissipating this electrosmog. The manufacturers of high-quality metal beds therefore emphasize that in addition to their durability and stability, these products also ensure a better quality of sleep.

To cancel the effect of electrosmog, all metals in the beds must be “demagnitized” by raising the temperature of the metal above the threshold of the Curie temperature (770o C). Demagnetization is the cancellation of magnetic induction (and more particularly remanent induction) within a metal material. This means that the metal beds we produce are harmless with regard to magnetic fields. With the support of a university professor, we have studied and practically applied the demagnetization of metal parts within the metal beds that Volcano Iron Beds manufacture.

Hygiene and cleaning

Metal beds are easier to clean. Just use a cloth. This is the reason why they are very popular in the hospital and nursing sector.

Load resistance

Another advantage of the metal beds from Volcano Iron Beds is the resistance to heavy loads. The quality of the metal and the joints allow it to support great weights. Large people prefer metal beds.

Storage space

We are the only company of our kind to offer all bed models in the form of a BED BOX, for better use of the space under the bed.

Assembly time

Another aspect to take into consideration is the assembly time of a metal bed. Most beds purchased on the web are delivered to you in pieces that will need to be assembled. Regarding our entire range of handmade metal beds, we have made sure that the assembly method is simple, in order to reduce assembly time. Single beds can be set up in 15 minutes, and for the Bed Box series in 40 minutes. Detailed instructions with photos are included with the order.


All materials used in the manufacturing process of Volcano Iron Beds metal sheets are recyclable.

Are you looking for a good quality metal bed?

Our company, “Volcano Iron Beds” offers you a range of metal beds that we manufacture in our factory based in Greece, in the city of Thessaloniki. We are specialized in the manufacture of metal beds which we export all over the world. Our experience, aesthetics and the quality of our beds have made us the leading exporter of metal beds from Greece to Europe. We offer a lifetime warranty!

We offer you the option of purchasing an industrial or classic style bed on our website. At the moment our website is in English and Greek. Visit freely and buy your bed. We are at your disposal for more information.

Our 10 suggestions for iron beds

A minimal and vintage iron bed VIENNA

VIENNA, from our STANDARD series, is a single bed, minimal and at the same time aesthetically discreet. It will not go unnoticed in the space, adding value to its aesthetic.

White iron bed DANAI

An iron bed for lovers of the classic and the color white. Simplicity, and forging in perfect harmony. You will find it in our ELEGANT category.

PENELOPE iron bed

An aesthetically simple metal bed. You will find it in our ELEGANT category.

TOXO black wrought iron bed

In Greek toxo means arc. This model alludes to arches. The black forgerie in all its magnitude. You will find it in our ELEGANT category.

Canopy iron bed NEFELY SKY

Canopy iron beds that combines traditional Greek forging and the classic aesthetics of villages in Greece. You will find it in our ELEGANT category.

Timeless iron bed OASIS

The timeless style and the special finishes give a modern style in the decoration of the room. You will find it in our ELEGANT category.

GARDEN black wrought iron bed

Nostalgic tones and modern touches coexist harmoniously in this black metal bed, creating a timeless style. You will find it in our ELEGANT category.

ATHINA industrial style metal bed

Modern industrial lines, style and special finishes give a modern style to the decoration of the room. You will find it in our INDUSTRIAL category.

DAFNI industrial style iron bed

Modern industrial lines, style and special finishes give a modern style to the decoration of the room. You will find it in our INDUSTRIAL category.

ROXANI industrial style iron bed

An industrial style black bed. You will find it in our INDUSTRIAL category.

Who are we?

Volcano Iron Beds is a pioneer in the field of the forged chamber. Since 1976 based in Thessaloniki, 60% of Volcano’s turnover comes from exports abroad, to countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand. and central Europe. The US market now accounts for 30% of the company’s sales of handmade metal beds. In Greece, Volcano, which employs 17 people, has two stores in Thessaloniki and Athens.

Volcano Iron Beds
Volcano Iron Beds

Our customers reviews

Johanna Cl. | Indiana, Etats-Unis d’Amerique

Probably one of the best iron bed companies. Very good models. I have had the bed for 3 years and it has not been a problem for me.

Marie-Therese Kaupf | Germany

This is by far the highest quality on the market.
The prices are really attractive for the high quality they offer.
A design that surprises you with the impeccable service during the purchase but also during the delivery.

How to order

Do not hesitate to browse our site and buy directly through our e-shop.

You can also call our call center for more information or requests.

In addition, we have 2 stores in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece.

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