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wrought iron beds

The wrought iron beds in your bedroom

What is a wrought iron bed?

The wrought iron beds are metal beds designed in such a way that it alludes to the materials used in an industrial factory. The industrial style was conceived by architects who wanted to use old factories or abandoned workshops and transform them in galleries or restaurants. This style is characterized by simplicity, functionality and aesthetics. The bed is made of wrought iron, metal plumbing tubes. Aesthetically, industrial style beds can either be clearly industrial or replication old metal beds.

lit style industriel
lit style industriel

Are you looking for a good quality industrial style bed?

Our company, “Volcano Iron Beds” offers a range of wrought iron bed that we manufacture in our factory based in Greece, in the city of Thessaloniki. Our experience, aesthetics and the quality of our beds have made us the leading exporter of metal beds from Greece to Europe.

We offer you the option of purchasing an industrial or classic style bed on our website. Feel free to browse and buy your bed. We are at your disposal for more information. Please call us or e-mail us for any further information.

3 styles for wrought iron beds

We offer 3 styles in iron beds. Classic, Elegant and Industrial wrought iron beds

Standard for unique Handmade iron beds at excellent Value for Money.

Elegant for timeless forged iron beds of superior design.

Industrial style wrought iron bed.

7 suggestions for wrought iron beds

Wrought iron bed THALIA

THALIA is a single bed, minimalist and at the same time aesthetically discreet. It will not go unnoticed in the space, adding value to its aesthetic.

Find THALIA metal bed in our e-shop

Industrial style wrought iron bed ARMONIA

A metal bed for lovers of industrial style. Simplicity, plumbing pipe components and symmetry combine the classic with the modern in perfect harmony

Find ARMONIA metal bed in our e-shop

Plumbing pipe iron bed IRIS

A modern metal bed of the “industrial” type. The industrial style that refers to the aesthetics of the factory is becoming more and more fashionable in Europe.

Find IRIS metal bed in our e-shop

Ιndustrial style metal bed MIRTO

A metal bed that combines industrial style and aged wood.

Find MIRTO metal bed in our e-shop

Wrought metal bed PANDORA

A very primitive industrial style bed.

Find PANDORA metal bed in our e-shop

Wrought metal bed DANAI

A metal bed which is minimal and classic at the same time

Find DANAI metal bed in our e-shop

Handmade iron bed TEMPER

A metal bed which is minimal and classic at the same time

Find TEMPER metal bed in our e-shop

What is the warranty of our handmade metal beds?

For our entire range of metal beds, we offer a lifetime warranty. Our “know-how” and our experience allow us to be confident about the quality that we offer.

The warranty concerns the welds and the stability of the bed structure. It does not include wooden parts, mechanisms and moving parts.

Are the beds demagnetized?

Demagnetization is the cancellation of magnetic induction (and more particularly of remanent induction) within a metal material. This means that the metal beds we produce are harmless in regard to magnetic fields.

All the metal furniture we manufacture is demagnetized by the method of raising the temperature of the metal above the Curie temperature (770 C).
With the support of a university professor, we have studied and practically applied the demagnetization of metal parts to the iron beds we manufacture. The main reason is that demagnetism does not allow the amplification of magnetic fields which can be harmful to humans during sleep.

Quality fabrication according to the ISO 9001.2008 standard

The quality of our metal beds is the best in the fabrication and painting process which is of the highest standard according to ISO 9001. 2008.

Setup time

Regarding our entire range of handmade metal beds, we have made sure that the set-up method is simple, in order to reduce it. Single beds can be set up in 15 minutes. As for the Bed Box series in 40 minutes. We include detailed instructions with photos.

All of our products our genuine

Our company has a certificate of ownership for all its models from the Industrial Property Organization (OBI) in Greece. Any resemblance in our models with products from other companies, are copies and can be prosecuted by law.

100% recycling

All materials used in the manufacturing process of the products are recyclable.

Storage space

We are the only company of our kind to offer all models of beds in the form of a BED BOX, for better use of the space under the bed.

Who are we?

Volcano Iron Beds is a pioneer in the field of the wrought iron beds. Since 1976 based in Thessaloniki, 60% of Volcano’s turnover comes from exports abroad, to countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and central Europe. The US market now accounts for 30% of the company’s sales of handmade metal beds. In Greece, Volcano, which employs 17 people, has two stores in Thessaloniki and Athens.

Volcano Iron Beds
Volcano Iron Beds

Some of our customers reviews

Johanna Cl. | Indiana, USA

Probably one of the best iron bed companies. Very good models. I have had the bed for 3 years and it has not been a problem for me.

Marie-Therese Kaupf | Austria

This is by far the highest quality on the market.
The prices are really attractive for the high quality they offer.

How to order

Feel free to browse our site and buy directly through our e-shop.

You can also call our telephone center for more informations or requests.

Furthermore we have to shops in the cities of Athens and Thessalonique in Greece.

Our shop in the city of Thessaloniki

10, Andrianoupoleos str.

Kalamaria – Thessaloniki – Greece

Tel. 0030.2310.418.559

Our shop in the city of Athens

215, Mesogeion avenue

Athens – Greece

Tel. 0030.

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