Sofa bed LIA


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01-0341 Lia sofa


Sofa bed LIA

The style meets comfort and authentic luxury, creating the ultimate timeless style.

∗ Construction material: wrought iron

∗ Lifetime warranty for the structure of the sofa

  • Height (headboard): 105cm
  • Depth: + 5cm from the dimension of mattress
  • Width: + 6cm from the dimension of mattress

*** The price does not include the mattress and the fabrics of the sofa.

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The origin of the word sofa

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word ‘sofa’ comes from the eastern Mediterranean with the Arabic soffah, which is ‘a part of the floor raised a foot or two, covered with rich carpets and cushions, and used for sitting on.

In 1625, Samuel Purchas was the first person to write about a sofa, which he noted during his travels to Arabia, calling it a ‘sofa’, whilst in 1637 Sir George Courthop described a ‘sopha’ as a place raised about a foot to sit on.

In the 17th century, the sofa as we know it came to England from France, and became a popular piece of furniture in homes of the wealthy, and by the 19th century the spelling had been settled on – it was officially a sofa.

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